Be a part of an awesome and growing community of filmmakers.
We are a collective of filmmakers who love creating, watching, teaching and learning.  By banding together, we can move mountains and we would love to have you on our side.  So check out a few ways you can be involved.


Become a VIP by creating a free account on this website.
It’s free, and awesome people usually do it (that’s you).
Our beloved website is the hub of everything we do.  We communicate to you, to our members, and to the world, our ideas and events.  Our goal is to stay informed of any film related business happening in our fair city of San Antonio.  Check the site often for information about events, workshops, local filming, screenings and more.  Come and join our family.

Become a MEMBER of the San Antonio Film Society.
Now we’re talkin.  Not only are you awesome, but you’re amazing to boot.  Let’s make this official… and you’ll get some really cool perks too.

Have questions?  We would love to hear from you.
No really, we would.  If you have any questions about membership, the website, or have a cool film related event coming up, please shoot us a line.  Also, please include a haiku with your message because we love those little things.

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