WarrickOn Saturday, June 25th about 100 production professionals met with city officials to map out a plan for the future of film in San Antonio.

Strategic Choices for #FilmSA
To promote the art, craft and business of filmmaking in San Antonio to positively affect the City’s economy.

What will we do differently or better than anyone else?
We will be the most production friendly city in the USA, celebrating San Antonio’s location and cultural diversity while supporting the film industry with effective infrastructure, funding, marketing and professional development opportunities.

What do we want to see in place in 5 years as a result of our actions?
Robust job creation keeps the money here; Seamless interaction, collaboration & leadership with the City; Film-making is good for business in SA; Extensive production resources & infrastructure; Globally recognized film industry presence; Continuing education & professional development; State of the art on-line presence

Key Strategies
Ensure state & local film incentives are competitive
Invest, develop & maintain workforce & infrastructure needs
Enhance marketing to increase business opportunities and build a strong film culture in SA


It is very exciting to have the support and cooperation of our city. We are also very thankful for the large turnout of professionals and the excellent response to our workforce survey.

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