The San Antonio Film Society has compiled a list of Best Practices.
If we all follow these guidelines, we will be able to 
maintain a healthy
and happy relationship with the local 
community, location owners
and our fellow filmmakers.

1. When filming in a neighborhood or business district, notify each merchant or resident who is directly affected by the company. This includes parking, base camps, and meal areas. The filming notice should include: *name of company *name of production *company contact *kind of production *type of activity & duration.

2. Production vehicles arriving on location in or near a residential neighborhood should not enter the area before the time stipulated in the permit, should park one by one, and turn off engines as soon as possible. Cast and crew should observe designated parking areas.

3. Please remain within the boundaries of the property that has been allocated for filming. Do not trespass onto neighbors’ or merchants’ property.

4. Please seek permission from the owner or proper authority before moving or towing a vehicle not owned by cast or crew.

5. Cast and crew meals should be confined to the area designated for the production. All catering, craft service, construction, strike and personal trash must be removed from location upon completion of the use.

6. Make sure you have permission/approval from the location owner before removing, trimming and/or cutting any vegetation or trees.

7. All signs erected or removed for filming purposes should be removed or replaced upon completion of the use of that location.

8. Please keep all noise levels as low as possible.

9. Observe designated smoking areas and always extinguish and dispose of cigarettes properly.

10. The cast and crew should not bring guests or pets to the location, unless expressly authorized in advance by the production company and property owner.

11. All sets and props should be removed upon completion of use.

12. Be sure to comply with local provisions of film permits as necessary. If you’re not sure whether or not a permit is required, please ask the SA Film Commission. Don’t assume.

13. Ask your cast and crew to refrain from using lewd or offensive language within earshot of the general public.

14. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can seriously impair an individual’s judgment and reactions leading to an increased risk of accidents and injuries occurring on set.

15. Please respect your cast and crew and pay them in a timely manner.

16. Leave Locations as you found it. You are guests and should treat this location, as well as the public, with courtesy. If we do not conduct our business in a respectful professional manner while working in our local communities, we cannot expect cooperation from the communities in the future.

17. Do not risk the safety of the cast and crew for a shot.

18. Social Media is a great tool for promotion and networking, but it can also be divisive. Please practice professional etiquette when online discussing local productions, media makers, and local policies. When you have a grievance, contact SAFS, and we can help figure things out.

It is recommended that you coordinate with the San Antonio Film Commission which coordinates all filming on city streets and in the parks, neighborhoods, college campuses, and sports venues. The commission helps locate parking for production vehicles and can direct filmmakers to film-savvy police officers and park police when needed. Permits are not required to film in the city, they are required for filming in city parks, including Alamo Plaza, La Villita, and the San Antonio River Walk. The fee for filming in most parks is $50; filming along the River Walk or in Alamo Plaza requires a fee of $200. Visit the Film Commission for more information.

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