Member in the Spotlight – Heather Angel-Chandler of Innovative Multimedia Group
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Heather, tell us a little bit about yourself and IMG.
I was born and raised in San Antonio.  I started my career as a television news reporter and spent about 10 years in that industry living out-of-state (Las Vegas and other markets) before moving home to San Antonio.  I started Innovative Multimedia Group in 2008 as a way to tell the stories that I wanted to tell. 13123103_10154234867094797_4846705889644973847_o I was tired of the negative stories I had to cover everyday in the news business. IMG offers full-service video production and animation as well as web and app development.  We have a group of five amazing full-time employees who are extremely talented and always interested in pushing our team to learn more and create unique and innovate productions.
How long have you been involved in production in San Antonio?
I’ve actually been involved in production is San Antonio since I was about 9-years-old writing and directing movies with my dad’s 8mm camera.  In terms of professional production – (outside of TV production in San Antonio) I’d say I’ve been active in the San Antonio market for the past 8 years.
What is your most exciting project to date?
Personally one of my most exciting projects was a self-funded “passion project” where I lived in a remote village in northern Uganda to create a feature-length documentary about a mysterious childhood disease killing thousands of kids there. 13232962_10154283479444797_2592219946399057879_nThe award winning feature length documentary is titled, A Question of Humanity. It follows a young Ugandan woman who operates a small care center for children in Northern Uganda with Nodding Syndrome called ‘Hope for Humans’.  During this journey, the woman discovers the true strength of the human spirit in the midst of tremendous obstacles and realizes the children she set out13466033_10154356812559797_7405364241543765318_n to help are actually providing her the strength to carry on.
The film was honored internationally:
Winner, Best Documentary – LA Women’s Int’l Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary – Toronto Female Eye Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary – Global Film Festival of Boston
What are some recent IMG projects/clients?
We’ve worked with some amazing clients and produced commercials for a wide-range of organizations in San Antonio including H-E-B, Rackspace, CPS Energy, WellMed, Corner Store, The City of San Antonio, and many others.
IMG has received the following recognition: 2-Time Lone Star EMMY Award Winner 3-Time Telly Award Winner
Check out their website for more information:

What made you join the San Antonio Film Society and what do you love about working in SA?
I was invited to round table meeting with the San Antonio Film Commission to discuss the future of the film industry in San Antonio.  I met a lot of really interesting and welcoming people there and also heard about the San Antonio Film Society.  I wanted to get more involved in the industry and learn from others.  I also want to help shape the future of the film industry in San Antonio.  I love working in San Antonio because people here seem to be really passionate about the craft, very welcoming, and interested in collaborating. This is also my hometown and I love working here



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