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Choose which yearly membership fits you.

There are three types of memberships, all being sold at an introductory rate for 2017.

  • Student Memberships cost $25 a year and receive all the perks of an individual member.
  • Individual Memberships cost $50 a year and receive all of the above perks.
  • Business Memberships cost $250 a year. Business members receive all perks for up to three employees or management. Business members also receive sponsorship credit and logo placement on the SAFS website.


Student_Icon Are you a Student? Great! Maybe you can teach us something once you finish being all scholarly and stuff.
This membership is $25 / year.  
Individual_Icon This is clearly the membership that suits you… check out that great ‘stache.
This membership is $50 / year.
Business_Icon We super love businesses. If you’re a business, this is the one for you.
This membership is $250 / year.


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